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Why Cloud Property Management?


Promote your property to the right tenants. Go live on all major portals in less than 24hours. Empty properties make no money. Get promoted fast!

Application Checks

You would not invite a stranger into your home so do not invite a stranger into your investment. Allow us to check them out for you.

Digital Receipts

Know everytime your tenant pays rent so you know your financial position. Receits to your inbox.

Disputes & Breaches

We understand how to handle disputes and the correct path to take. We can issue forms on your behalf

Cloud Storage

We will store all your paper work in the Cloud for you. When you need it, it will be there at the click of a button

Arrears Management

If your tenant gets behind in rent, you do not have to be the bad guy. We will bring them into line for you.
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Your Stress Away Today! and are Australia's largest web portals where tenants go and look for a property. If you are not on these sites you are at a serious disadvantage on finding a quality tenant who will look after your investment. We can have your property live in less than 24hrs.